Childrens Museum of Naples

Today’s advanced technology has led to a number of positive things like the creation of the global village, accessibility of transportation and communication, and opening of thousands of doors of opportunities in various fields. However, if there were one very sad consequence of technology, it would have to be personal relationships turning more and more impersonal.

It would be truly nice if entertainment today will still include the more traditional ones, which encourage family get-togethers and encounters. Thanks to the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, this kind of thing is still possible.

Being the first museum devoted to children and families learning together by playing in southwest Florida, it is a perfect place for parents to bond with their kids and make sure they learn while they enjoy their time learning.

C’mon, as it is called for short, believes that sharing life with a child and making him see the beauty around him are life’s best privileges. It is committed to keeping the bond of both parents and children and the entire family strong and unbreakable.

Armed with the mission, “to provide an exciting, inspiring, environment where children and their families play, learn, and dream together”, C’mon was founded in 2002 and is a non-profit organization that thrives in the fact that children are naturally inquisitive and curious and that they deserve a dynamic space where they could explore and feed their minds.

There are hands-on exhibit galleries where people of all ages (yes mom and dad can enjoy too) can explore the ‘wilderness’. These may include going through swamps, everglades, getting to the top of a banyan tree, getting out of a maze, and more. The museum stands on a two-story 30,000 square feet building which houses galleries, Backyardville, a family library, Museum stores, garden café, and exploration rooms. Being developed by experts in child psychology and museum master planning, every family is guaranteed an interactive experience that they will enjoy.

Furthermore, children can also act like grown-ups and be a weather forecaster, fisherman, veterinarian, architect, farmer, chef, artist, or others. Aside from that, children can also participate in museum programs like summer camps, after-school programs, art classes, field trips, community festivals, outreach programs and more. In addition, parents can avail of parenting workshops to better know how to handle their kids.

C’mon is not only child-friendly and family-friendly. Being the first green museum in Collier County, it is a LEED green building that has been certified by no less than the United States Green Building Council. It has the capability to educate parents on how they can make their respective homes clean and green.

Some key features of its being a green building include recycled materials, natural sunlight, wind turbine, low VOC paints, as well as rainwater harvesting.

To visit C’mon, there are pre-purchased tickets that you can get online. Children over 1 year old can get it for $10. The same rate is charged on adults and seniors aged over 55 years old. If you are planning to visit C’mon, you are encouraged to register and become a member. And yes, members can visit the museum free of charge.

Why spend so much on mobile devices and technology when you can have a more intimate time with your kids and family? Visit C’mon today.