Naples Zoo

At Naples Zoos, you can enjoy a most blissful day with friends and family members. From totally incredible wild fun to recreational activities, this is the place you will rather be! From the swinging chimpanzees to the striped zebras from Africa, the zoo is a very popular choice. In our well-renowned and approved zoo/historical botanical garden, visitors enjoy the lovelies shows, cruises and a lot more.

Honored as the Best Place to Take Kids in 2014 by the Gulfshore Life Awards, do not deny your children this wonderful opportunity. Race with them and feed majestic giraffes!

For 2014, the Zoo is set to amaze everyone, with rarely seen wonders from South America. From the beautifully bizarre to the downright enchanting, our new deliveries from South America will wow anyone. From red-footed tortoises to the famed giant anteater, this is a voyage in time! There are also those really slow two-toed sloths and of course, the cotton-top tamarins. Surely, you do not need to fly all the way to the Amazon Forest before you enjoy all the exotic nature. Naples Zoo is it!

Feast your eyes on very rare creatures! A very unique zoo, this is one place where you can see some of the most exotic animals on earth. These include:

African Honey Badgers

Just four zoos are accredited in the United States to display these animals, and we are very proud to be one of them.

Slender-Horned Gazelles

There are just about 250 of these elegant creatures left in the wild. Naples Zoo is one of the very few places where you can observe and view them in their natural majesty.

Striped Hyenas

All over the United States, just a couple of zoos have been accredited to display them. Once again, it is our pride to be thus selected.

Kids are a very integral part of the zoo, and there is the outstanding kids’ party of the year. That is none other than the Naples Zoo Children’s Gala 2014. The fundraising event will be kicking off on the 8th November, 2014. And in case you are not aware, your visits to the zoo give tremendous support to conversation. Lots of freebies await kids as they get Kids Free Coupon for the Memorial Weekend.

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